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How does memory work?

Question asked by: knowitall

At the most fundamental level, it is not known what method the brain uses to store information, and how it searches and then retrieves relevant information, and how it knows what it is looking for when we try to recall information at a further date. To try to explain these processes purely with recourse to only chemical reactions and physics seems extra-ordinary.

By: Unknown
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How does memory work?What an interesting question,and yet no one has attempted to provide an answer to this fundimental question. Let me try to assist you in making sense of this seemingly unanserable question.Lets look at this computer,we know that it has a memory.In its memory this machine stores lots of information.When we click on the mouse we retrieve information from the computer memory and display it on the screen.So throught the mouse we send a signal to the central information storage unit i.e.memory.I trust it is the human memory your question is about! My theory is that the human memory works in a similar way.Each human being has access to a storage system of information.How large a storage system each person has depends on a number of factors.1,how old you are.2,your level of education.3,your experiences of life and all that that involves.4,and your circumstances during thoes experiences.Thoes i would say are some of the most obvious factors in creating a large storage system,ie.memory.When life or some specific circumstance poses a question for us,our central nervous system sends a signal to our memory.If our memory holds the answer then back that answer comes to us.If your memory is not familiar with the question then back will come the reply :dont know,or not sure.Is that of any help??
By: eddieby

Date of comment: Tue, Jan 15th 2008

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