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How many different possible calendars are there?

Question asked by: knowitall

Many people assume that to give calendars for hundreds of years you need hundreds of sheets of paper and different calendars.

Not true. Just a few calendars are possible and therefore on a few pages you can account for every year in the Gregorian calendar.

With just 14 possible calendars, that's an interesting thought!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

There is an unlimited number of calendars possible; for instance; the Gregorian and the Julian Calendar, the Mayan calendar was similar but had small differences; a lunar calendar would be different again. 'Calendar' is defined as the method by which the length and subdivisions of a year are stated - no restriction as to which planet or which type of subdivision is used. So a calendar for Venus would be different to one for Earth, and as for Jupiter - any calendar involving its moons would only be one of many!
By: malcfw

Date of comment: Mon, Aug 31st 2009

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