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I have a boyfriend but I met this new guy.. HELP PLZZ!!!

Ok si o gave Ben dating my boyfriend Erik for 4 months and like a week we have made out and he's tucked me places but over my cloths we say I love you but I never realy ment it the way ik he does but like 3 days a go I got home from a camp ( it's like a fun camp if that helps) and I met this guy Tyler and he's like so hot!! And we talk I gave him my # but I still really like Erik but I don't want to make the rong move and iv only know Tyler for like a week and bit to make this harder Tyler also likes this girl Sarah and they have a thing I guess but Sarah is dating this guy Sam(Sam and Tyler are like best friends too witch I don't get) and people have told me that they hate echother but they still date.. idk but at camp there a dance Tyler didn't ask me but we danced to a slow song and I liked it and I have a boyfriend and it's kinda cheering but also Erik will be going to a diffrent high school them me and Tyler is going to the same high school help ps I'm 14 going to be a freshman
Question asked by: Meggie876

Asked on: 31 Jul 2011

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