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I have a physics question to do till tomorrow, please help me:(

A metal surface with a work function of (W1=3eV) is illuminated with a monochromatic ultraviolet light of frequency v*1. The maximum speed of the ejected photo electrons was found to be v1=0.6x10^6m/s. a) compute the wavelength λ of the incident photons. b) what is the stopping potential? c) now the metal is in the photo tube is changed so the work function is W2=5.5eV. Everything else remains the same. Compute the maxiumum speed of the ejected photo electrons and discuss. d) How would the magnitude of the photo current be changed if the intensity of the incident light were increased? Increases, decreases or does not change? ( answer these question for parts (a) and (c)).
Question asked by: pprinczz

Asked on: 04 Jan 2011

Sorry I have no idea what the answer is, maybe someone else will answer it tonight so there is still hope!

If not post the answer when you have it as a comment as it would be interesting to see what it is :)

By: knowitall
Replied at: 05 Jan 2011
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