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I want to know how to start with her?

I like a 7th class girl in my school, actually its weird for u to see that i am in love with a 7th class girl while myself being in 11th class, but what can i do, i just want to be with her., i want to know how to start friendship with her, although i also live in her locality, thats why sometimes i talk to her like hi , hello, hows ur study going on and all that. somebody please tell me what to talk to her so that we could have a conversation. Moreover she is a simple and somewhat a little shy girl. She is cute and also sexy and She has a friend who is a little flirty. please somebody give me tips on what to do now, how to catch her attention. i am too a little shy, not too much, and dont have any girl friends except for one or two simple --- girl--friends whom i talk rarely.
Question asked by: waquar

Asked on: 17 Dec 2009

If you like a girl then the only way to find out if she likes you back is to go up and ask her.

It might sound easy and it might be the advice that you get all the time, but ultimately that's all you can do: otherwise how can you ever find out if she likes you or not without communicating with her? Good luck!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 18 Dec 2009
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