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If god exists? how come he has no beginning nor ending?

This has to do with religion.In the bible if you was to look in the chapter genesis it states god has no beginning nor ending and that he is a spirit.
Question asked by: tamara92

Asked on: 27 Oct 2010

Please belive.Really God exist.If we dont belive that there is God,that there is soul we cant live with pleasure and we will similiar with things.
One moment imageine that ther is't God.Who was initial maker of world? sorry for my English.

By: narekoo
Replied at: 03 Nov 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Every person has faith at some point in there life, God is our concious. Our own concious is so powerful and inside we can hear what it tells us, God is everywhere so shouldn't this allow God to be in our minds? Therefore where does our concious being and end? Could the answer lie there? Every answer opens another question,
By: yesnomaybe

Date of comment: Thu, Mar 17th 2011

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