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Ink stains from packaging on lino.

I recently (at last) had some new lino put down in my bathroom - I went for white as it looked nice (big mistake). A pack of toilet rolls was sat in the corner and at some point fell over - now I don't know if it was the steam or something else, but when I went to move it I have a big pale purple "A" from the word "Andrex" transferred onto my floor. I've tried everything I can think of - floor cleaner, bleach, even rubbing with cif, nothing shifts it. I'm really pretty upset as it is a new floor and I've saved up to get it. Is there anything that I can try? Thanks guys.
Question asked by: Juggermatt

Asked on: 05 Nov 2010

Oh dear how frustrating!

Is there any way that you can simply cover it up with a rug or something or bath mat?

Might be the best option.

If not you could try contacting the manufacturer and see what cleaning process they recommend for tough stains like that.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 17 Nov 2010
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