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How to install the HID system?

Question asked by: DavidMills

Asked on: 28 Jan 2010

What is an HID system?

Post back in the comments what this stands for and maybe someone here will be able to tell you what it is!

In general it is best to avoid acronyms or explain what they are to have the best chance of someone answering the question.

With so many acronyms out there for all sorts of products otherwise it reduces the chances of being given the right answer to the question...

By: stephy
Replied at: 31 Jan 2010
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Comments and other answers:

The installation is very easy. For beginners it can take approximately 30 minutes. All wiring connections are Plug & Play. No wire cutting, soldering or rewiring required. All connectors are colour coded. This ensures that they can only be connected in the correct way. Instructions of full installation are included. If in any doubt, we do suggest you to get an auto electrician to install them.
By: AnnieD

Date of comment: Fri, Jan 29th 2010

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