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Is this a sign...

hi, my daughter's normally active hamster has not come out of his bed all day/night. he's usually full of beans from around 9pm, but this evening, when she took him out for his usual play, he crawled into the pocket of her dressing gown and just sat there, and he went straight into his bed when put back in his cage and hasn't emerged. he seems lethargic and disinterested, and i'm genuinely worried as this is such UNtypical behaviour for him. is this a sign of something ominous???
Question asked by: weefish73

Asked on: 26 Nov 2009

I think there is nothing wrong with the hamster because hamsters are nocturnal. If the hamster is usually active during hte day, or has loss appetite in food, go to the vet. If the hamster is awake during the night, then don't worry. My friend's hamster does this all the time.
By: mei94536
Replied at: 06 Dec 2009
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