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Is this object Nemesis or Niburu?

After browsing youtube I found some interesting videos about our sun being a binary star system with a brown dwarf star called nemesis or niburu. I did a little research myself but found that some info has been blacked out on wikisky and google sky maps. However when I look in the sky I can see an object approximately 2 hand widths to the right of Orion's belt in the same general direction. My location is the northeast united states. No matter what time of night I view the object, via naked eye, it is always to the right of Orin's belt. It appears to have a tail like a comet but I am not sure. Any insight would be great as to what the object is?
Question asked by: sweezie169

Asked on: 01 Dec 2010

Our sun is not a binary star system! I think you might be able to see the other star with the naked eye at the very least if that were the case, and remember that the movement of the sun and planets would be very different if there was the gravity of a binary star pulling on our sun and therefore if it pulls on the sun it would certainly pull on the planets too.

Science is all about rationality and whilst its a fair question to ask if the sun is part of a binary system, there is no evidence for it at all, but a lot of evidence the other way. Thus the scientific answer is to reject the notion.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 05 Dec 2010
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