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Linear motion

Question: When some volcanoes erupt, big rocks have been measured to shoot upward with speeds of about 1000m/s. show that neglecting air resistance, thses rocks could reach heights exceeding 50 km.
Question asked by: rc2234

Asked on: 21 Sep 2009

What weight are the rocks? You need to know this to factor into the calculation together with of course the strength of gravity.
By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Sep 2009
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Comments and other answers:

Initial velocity,u=1000m/s, g=9.8m/s=10m/s(for simplicity), final velocity,v=0, height,h=? We know, v^2=u^2-2gh or, 0=1000^2-2*10*h or, h=10^6/20 or, h=50000m=50Km.
By: psahu63

Date of comment: Tue, Aug 31st 2010

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