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My N72 gallery problem , someone please help....

Hello guys, i have a very complicated problem with the gallery of my n72. Whenever my memory card is in the phone and i take any shot from the camera , the images are in the gallery, but when again i take any pic from the camera, then there are NO photos in the gallery, i mean all the previous photos and the recently captured photos are lost, for this, if i have any wallpaper on the phone it also gets lost, sometimes it happens with the videos and the music player too (only 3-4 times till now), but , with photos it happens daily, so please tell me is there any virus or card problem, moreover somethumbnails do not load and some get distorted like the pic we get from a scratched cd playing on a cd player. this happens only when my 1gb hi-tech RSMMC card is in the phone. I have been using this card for 9 months and this problem has started 3 months ago. if it is a card problem suggest me the best card manufactuter for Mem. cards. thanks in advance.
Question asked by: waquar

Asked on: 23 Dec 2009

That sounds odd. I suggest you contact the manufacturer via their website and tell them what is going on.

Most manufacturers have decent customer service now so they should be able to troubleshoot what the fault is, or failing that take it to a shop in this area and see if any of their assistants can offer any advice!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 23 Dec 2009
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