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Need help

Gaining and losing weight are matters of caloric accounting: Calories in the food you eat minus Calories that you spend in activity. One pound of human body fat contains approximately 3,500 Calories. Using Figure 5.4, compare various ways you could burn off that many Calories. How far would you have to run, swim, or walk to burn the equivalent of 1 pound of fat? For how much time would you have to do each activity? Which method of burning Calories appeals the most to you? The least?
Question asked by: mselajah

Asked on: 11 Aug 2008

You didn't post the figure so can't help directly.

However to burn calories you need to do exercise. Different forms burn different amounts.

All you need to do is look at whatever the chart was and find out how each peaks on the graph and calculate accordingly how much to burn the fat and calories and get slimmer.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 24 Aug 2008
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