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How to Organize a website development team?

Hello; we have a project at the university which requires every four students to work on a certain subject. My friends and I chose to build an electronic market place, so I was wondering how could we split the work on us? is it right to give someone the responsibility of the database while another one gets the responsibility of the implementation or coding? is it fair?
Question asked by: rashaban

Asked on: 29 Apr 2009

Yes, splitting into tasks is the most effective way of getting a project done between a group.

Divide things based on:
- time each should take
- the skills each person has
- the interests each person has

Then once you've done that have regular meetings to check each is doing what they need to do is and not holding up the rest of the group.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 04 May 2009
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