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Painting Kitchen Cabinets!

I live in an apartment and am planning to paint my kitchen cabinets next week. I've lived here for 13 years and at 21 the cabinets are quite possibly older than I am. Our rental office refuses to put new cabinets in with people still living in the apartment but seeing as how they are going to gut the apartment when we move out they gave us permission to paint the cabinets and put on knew knobs (mini cabinet face lift). Mt issue now is how to go about this. We want to use a paint that closely resembles wood (our cabinets are a dark wood color now) but we won't be able to strip the cabinets before painting them so I'm sure that poses a problem. Does anyone know of a paint in a lighter wood color that we can paint over the existing color of the cabinets?
Question asked by: Sapphire14

Asked on: 09 Jun 2010

My advice would be to go to B&Q or depending where you live / what country some large DIY type store.

Take with you a photo of the item that you are looking to paint, then simply ask their customer services if they can recommend the right product for you to use.

These people are used to getting enquiries and are quite knowledgeable in their field and are usually quite willing to share advice with you particularly when it results in a sale for that person.

By: daveyc
Replied at: 13 Jun 2010
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