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Please HELP

im helplessly in LOVE and i dont no if he likes me weve been friends for 4years since yr3 but now we are getting older yr7 im starting to get confused hes been acting weird eg: putting hes bag close or nxt to mine, when i told him that a boy huged me he got realy mad and i was realy hurting and then he notcied i was about to cry he said "bobbi r u ok? u no i was just kidding",he looks at me across the room and all ways makes me laugh even if he gets in trouble for it, he tells me all the time he wants a gf and that ever one hates him, and how his friends are probly scretly hating him and i get sad because i love him and i hate seeing poeple hurt. he also help me thru my mum was dieing and when my dad was givin a sentenced for jail for beating my mum. i need him i want him and he make me happy and forget every thing and makes me laugh i need help should i ask him out i tell my friends all the time i miss him and they say he likes me but i dont no
Question asked by: beanoBubz

Asked on: 27 Mar 2010

This sounds like one of those situations where you just need to be honest with him and tell him you feel.

It is clearly making you a bit upset not knowing whether he likes you back like that.

So why not ask him, yes it can be difficult to do that as you are worried that he will say no but if he says yes then great, and even if he does say no then at least you will know and stop asking yourself the question in your head all the time without knowing.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 28 Mar 2010
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