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Problems with our neighbours' cats & dogs

Hi, I hope someone out there has a solution for us, we're at our wits end with our neighbours pets. The neighbours to our left have two cats who persistantly fowl all over our garden. The neighbour to our right have two dogs who bark constantly, morning, noon, night & the early hours. We have a four year old son who loves to play outside, so my husband and I invested a lot of time & money making our garden as safe & interesting as possible for him to play in it. Unfortunately our neighbour has two cats who constantly fowl in the garden. I'm so sick & tired of cleaning this up and don't feel happy about letting our son out to play in case I've missed some. I have been very ill recently and consequently must be really careful and clean with everything I do as I get infections easily. I've explained this to my neighbour on numberous occassions but it makes no difference. They continue to let their cats roam as they wish. We can't afford any fancy or expensive gadets & we don't want anything that would harm the cats. In fact we don't mind the cats coming into our garden as long as they don't fowl all over it. The neighbours on the other side have two dogs, the dogs bark all the time, we've reported them to our local council but to no avail. we've kept bark daries, recording of the noise but our neighbour doesn't do anything about it. It's got so bad I just want to move. I'd be grateful for any advice thigh might help.
Question asked by: loobyloo33

Asked on: 26 Oct 2010

There are two separate problems here - the cats and the dogs.

With the cats you have a few options. There are inexpensive sprays you can use that make the ground smell nasty for them and they will leave the garden. There are also high pitched sounders that will keep them away. These are both humane and cheap methods and will keep the cats away, and worth the money.

You can also simply scare the cats off everytime they enter your garden and they will soon give up, cats like an easy life.

With regard to the dogs short of improving the insulation, having double glazing improved etc (which you may already have) it is not clear there is anything you can do short of keeping on complaining to the council. It sounds like the neighbour either does not exercise the dogs enough or they are simply a very excitable breed not suited to residential living.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 17 Nov 2010
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