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Redshift and receding galaxies

We know that most galxies are receding from us at an increasing rate from observing their redshifts. But how do we determine that they are moving away from each other?
Question asked by: MekonInBNE

Asked on: 19 Dec 2010

We assume that the universe looks the same in all directions and that there is nothing unique about where we are.

Therefore if from our location galaxies are receding at an increasing rate in all directions, then unless there is good reason to think otherwise we assume the same for each point.

Consider a balloon with dots on that is blown up - with each dot representing a galaxy. It doesn't matter which dot you make the measurements from, all the other dots recede or more further away from it; in this same way so we assume for the universe.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Dec 2010
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