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Refillable Angel bottle

Hello folks. I have an empty Thierry mugler star Angel bottle but i'm not sure if it's the refillable kind or not. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the refillable kind & the non-refillable. I don't really want to have to take the bottle to a Thierry Mugler counter to find out from their consultant....way too busy this close to Christmas. Can anyone help?? Thank you. AJ. X
Question asked by: badjane2

Asked on: 24 Dec 2010

My guess is that there probably are people who could answer that question, but I would imagine they'd need to see a photo of it to work that out... and there is no way to have a photo on this facility (not that I know of anyway!) so unless you can do that elsewhere you might have to go the counter :-(
By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Dec 2010
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