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Can any advice me in mhy kitchen I have to seperate light switches and tow seperate lights at either end of kitchen I am planning to change the lights in the kitchen to a halogen lights but instead of having to seperate switches how do i make it that both switches control the lights simutaneously instead of 2 seperate lights. I hope somebody understands this as I am new to DIY
Question asked by: kevd2816

Asked on: 30 Jan 2010

You need to do the wiring so that they are both connected to the same circuit so that the one light switch will control both.

There are many ways to do this but you do need to know what you are doing, from what you've said you don't have the experience of this.

Therefore the easiest answer is to get a qualified electrician in to do this for you!

By: stephy
Replied at: 31 Jan 2010
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