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Shower going hot and cold?

the shower is electric, we have to pull a switch for hot water. But lately its changing between hot and cold water during a normal length shower? Any ideas why? or how to fix?
Question asked by: leacork

Asked on: 30 Jul 2009

Either there is something wrong with the shower itself or the water tank is not storing enough water and so it is cutting in and out during the course of the shower.

Often if the problem as it were is with the shower this can be caused by someone else using the water system at the same time. When it goes cold is someone somewhere else in the house either pulling the chain or running a tap and so forth? This is the most common cause of showers going cold whilst people are in them so if so ensure that no-one else uses the water whilst someone is in the shower and it should solve the problem!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 02 Aug 2009
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