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Spots and i need help

im 15 and got really badd spots and i hate them soo much i drink 1 bottle of water everyday and my make-up dont cover the spots also i have had creams from my doctor they don't work and i have tried all face things like t tree and so on. can any1 help me????????????????????????????
Question asked by: ashleigh

Asked on: 15 Feb 2011

It sounds hard but you might just have to be patient.

Lots of teenagers get spots some a lot worse and others and whilst there are many treatments they don't always work.

If they are big spots covering up does not help totally as you still get a shadow from the size of the bump, but it does at least help hide the redness.

Have a healthy diet do exercise and then see the doctor again if what they have given you does not work and see if there is anything else they can recommend.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 25 Feb 2011
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