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Telling a food manufactureer about his new fat-free cake mix

A food manufacturer is advertising a new cake mix as fat-free. Scientists at the U.S. FDA are testing the product to see if it truly lacks fat. Hydrolysis of the cake mix yields glucose, fructose, glyercol, a number of amino acids, and several kinds of molecules with long hydrocarbon chains. Further analysis shows that most of the hydrocarbon chains have a carboxyl group at one end. What would you tell the food manufacturer if you were the spokesperson for the FDA?
Question asked by: fantasy24

Asked on: 18 Mar 2009

Well, long hydrocarbon chains can be seen in fats though not always necessarily have to be fat, similary with the carboxyl groups.

Probably it needs further analysis and a definition of exactly what type of fats it is free from to be sure.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 05 Apr 2009
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