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This girl I like only talks to me when things are bad with her boyfriend, what should I do?

Question asked by: mrquestion

Asked on: 26 Jan 2010

It sounds like, whether she knows it or not, she is using you as a back-up.

There are a lot of girls and boys out there that do this: when they are in their relationship and things are going well they basically disappear off the face of the planet, but when things are going bad and a rough patch is hit suddenly they get all needy and turn to others that they know will be there for them, or perhaps like them, for support.

It is just the way some people are. The way to deal with it is not to read anything into it and just accept that is how they are - and if you can't accept that then you may find it easier in practice not to be friends with them and gently cut off contact with them.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 26 Jan 2010
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Comments and other answers:

If she comes 2 u lets say more than 3 times comfort her and just make her feel like she can count on u and eventually she will notice that the guy she is with is not the 1 and she will fall 4 u
By: luverboy10

Date of comment: Sat, May 15th 2010

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