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What are the past and past participle of these verbs?

what are the past and past participle of these verbs? accept allow ask believe borrow break bring buy can/be able cancel change clean comb complain cough count cut dance draw drink drive eat explain fall fill find finish fit fix fly forget give go have hear hurt know learn leave listen live look lose make/do need open close/shut organise pay play put rain read reply run say see sell send sign sing sit sleep smoke speak spell spend stand start/begin study succeed swim take talk teach tell think translate travel try turn off turn on type understand use wait wake up want watch work worry write
Question asked by: mosthamm

Asked on: 08 Jun 2008

Hey that's a long list, I doubt anyone is going to be bothered to spend an hour typing that out for you.

Best to just buy a book on grammar and copy out of there, though you should know just by writing down from your own knowledge of english, e.g. accepted, broke etc

By: knowitall
Replied at: 25 Aug 2008
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