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What can i do to gain size?

I'm too slim, a modelike shape. i'm too good enough to be a model, but i got no skills to get into modelling. what can i do to get inproved on my size? i need to gain more size, let's say become a lil' more healthy with body fats
Question asked by: Rey.olsen

Asked on: 13 Mar 2010

This is definitely unusual as most people in the modelling world want to lose weight, not to put it on!!!

However, if you want to put on weight then all you need to do is to consume less calories in your day to day life than you actually eat. The net effect of this will be that you put on weight.

Maybe you should see your doctor to find out the best way for you to gain weight in a controlled and healthy way.

By: daveyc
Replied at: 14 Mar 2010
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