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What does the human body maintain stable internal conditions?

I have this project and i have no idea what the answer is!
Question asked by: Yesenia

Asked on: 13 Apr 2008

This question doesn't really make sense.

Do you mean how does the body maintain these conditions, or which particular conditions are maintained?

The body is a fight of organisation against the fall into disarray. So for instance body temperature is regulated, the level of hormones in the blood, heart rate breathing rate and so on and so forth.

As to how this happens its through lots of parts of the brain and body working together through ultra complicated biological and chemical reactions and processes that are still only fairly badly understood even in this day and age.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Apr 2008
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Comments and other answers:

I think Yessenia is referring to the property that all living things - whether unicellular or complex, multicellular organisms - have to maintain stable internal conditions. Unfortunately, at this time, I forget what this property is actually called. I just thought I'd clarify because her question does make sense and because the previous answer does not seem to apply, although very helpful in other ways. =)
By: LillyRock

Date of comment: Mon, Dec 1st 2008

Homeostasis! that's the name of the property. Maybe that's what she meant????
By: LillyRock

Date of comment: Mon, Dec 1st 2008

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