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What features does neptune have?

Question asked by: knowitall

Neptune has various features, some of which include the following.

One feature is that sometimes it is the furthest planet from the sun as the orbit takes it further out than Pluto!

It is a fairly large planet, being as it about four times larger than earth. This makes it the fourth largest planet in the solar system, mainly behind the real gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn.

Whilst slightly smaller than Uranus, it is more dense.

We don't know too much about the make-up of the planet, but it seems that it is high in both hydrogen and helium. It probably has a large rocky core, but we don't know this for sure.

The colour we associate with Neptune is a sort of blue colour - this is because of the methane that is in the atmosphere and the wavelength of light that is absorbs and reflects.

The planet produces more heat than it takes in, and the temperature towards the top of the clouds is rather cold - perhaps -210C or similar!

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