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What happens at death?

Is death the end of everything or is there a soul in man that continues to exist beyond death? If so, is that soul immortal or does it too eventually cease to exist? If the soul does continue to exist after death, what is the nature of that existence? If there is an existence after death, is “good” rewarded and “bad” punished? If so, how do you reconcile this with the concept of predestination?
Question asked by: marvelous

Asked on: 19 Mar 2010

This is a matter of faith.

For most people these days there is death and that is it, because they are not religious and it is generally religious people who believe in life after death.

For those who are religious most have some sort of belief in an afterlife, where the soul goes on long after the body has expired.

By: daveyc
Replied at: 21 Mar 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Yes, this is all to do with faith. For example if you are christian. You may think that your soul will go to hell or heaven depending how good you've been to god. However if you were a hindu or buddhist, you might be reincarnated into something else, and the life will be determined by karma in your previous life. I think if you believe in something, it will come true. If you believe in afterlife before you die, the chances are you will go to afterlife, if you dont. Then nothing. There is no correct answer to this
By: thebeing

Date of comment: Tue, Jul 6th 2010

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