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What is fillomino?

Question asked by: knowitall

Fillomino is a puzzle game from Japan that originally appeared in Nikoli and is a grid based game like many popular games. It was once called Allied Occupation too.

The grid may be any size, generally square, and will come with some cells empty and others with a number.

The number determines the number of cells in that set of cells. Thus a '5' is part of a set of '5' continuous cells, each marked with the number five. The rules are as follows:

- in a finished grid, every cell contains a number

- blocks with the same number in cannot touch another block of the same number at any place either horizontally or vertically

- therefore, a set of 5 cells for instance must be bordered on all sides by different numbers, never touching a 5

- you may have to add in blocks of cells that are not mentioned in the puzzle - thus if you are left with two enclosed cells of no number at the end of the puzzle, write a '2' in each cell to form an island of two cells

- it can help to draw a border round the edge of each island as you create it to help determine its shape and ensure you isolate it from others of that shape

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