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What is physics

I am doing a homework project on the planets and I need to know about the Planet Venus.
Question asked by: franklin

Asked on: 30 Sep 2009

Venus is a planet.

It is one of the planets in the solar system, as opposed to exoplanets which refers to planets outside the solar system, which is any planet that does not orbit our star, which is called the Sun.

Venus is a strange planet in that it is earths twin in size and also fairly close in that it is closer to the sun and the next closest to the sun after the earth.

However its fate is very different to ours as it has a runaway greenhouse effect whereby gases that trap heat have made the temperature and pressure on Venus insane compared to human standards so you would not even get through the atmosphere let alone land on the surface.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 11 Oct 2009
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