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What is the area of the square when a diagonal is given ?

the diagonal of a square is 90 metres. what is its area ?
Question asked by: manuscott

Asked on: 09 Jun 2010

Diagonal of a square = 90 m
Let 'a' be the side of the square
Draw a rough diagram of a square. The diagonal cuts the square into two right angled triangles.
By Pythagorus Theorem,
Base squared+height squared = Hypotenuse squared
Here base=height=a; hypotenuse= 90 m
a squared + a squared = 90 squared=8100 m squared
2 x (a squared)= 8100
a squared = 8100/2 = 4050
Area of square = side squared
= a squared = 4050 m squared

By: appuswathi
Replied at: 10 Jun 2010
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