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What is the frame of reference of time?

details are that my friend asked me this question and i want to see if anyone else can get it. I\'m not trying to be mean but i think it will be an interesting question. what is the frame of reference of time? We all move through time at the same velocity, 1 second per second into the future. Therefore relative to each other (and all matter, with the exception of photons, which do not move through time at all due to traveling at the speed of light) we are not moving though time (I know that according to quantum physics and relativity that there are minute differences between the precise velocity at which we move through time but for the purposes of this problem; neglect that for the purposes of this problem, as it won\'t matter anyway). Yet we still say we are moving through time one second at a time, even though relative to the Earth, the Milky Way galaxy, and the Local Supercluster, we are not moving through time. In that case what is the frame of reference for our movement of time?
Question asked by: DSmaster

Asked on: 04 Jan 2009

There is a error in the set-up of this question which makes it seem a difficult one to answer when infact there is no mystery here.

Remember strictly we talk of velocity rather than speed, and velocity is a vector with a direction component to it. Therefore if we are both moving at 1m/s, we need to know in which direction also, because if we are in opposing directions then this is a very different scenario to walking in the same direction.

In fact, if we are both moving at 1m/s, this does not mean that neither of us are moving at all as the set-up seems to imply, we are both still moving at 1m/s as measured by our watch and pedometer.

By: stevieb
Replied at: 04 Jan 2009
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