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What should I do?

Okay when I was in elementary school i had a best friend that was a guy. I liked him the whole time. My mom moved me the beginning of my sixth grade year. I cried.....he was my best friend.....we talked for a while after i moved but then i lost his number....so a couple of months ago i looked him up on myspace....recently me and him talk ever time he gets on i saw him once at this thing for band in the fall he came up to me and me and hugged me forever and he was telling everyone that i was his best friend.we dont live that far from each other...just like 15 to 20 mins away...here recently when me and him have been talking i told him about my ex hurting me and he told me that he wuldnt hurt me. he also said that anyone that hurt me he would end up fighting with if we went to the same school....so here recently i have realized i still miss him and i never stopped liking him......i was wondering if anyone had some advice for me...i thought about asking him if he liked me or ever did....but idk...PLZ HELP!
Question asked by: MissBrooke

Asked on: 03 Mar 2010

Sounds sweet!

It sounds also like he does like you and you have a crush on each other, therefore I would suggest that you get brave and ask him the question and see if he likes you too... there's nothing to lose and a lot to potentially win! Good luck ;)

By: artiste
Replied at: 04 Mar 2010
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