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What should I put in my garden pond?

Question asked by: knowitall

What you put in the garden pond is very much up to you.

However, most ponds are made healthier by:

- addition of oxygenating pond weed and a pump

- some fish to clean up fly eggs and so on in the pond

- some pond snails to eat algae

- some pond plants

The rest will come naturally for instance frogs and newts usually find new water to settle in before long!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

You can sometimes simply sit back and not do a lot to a pond depends on the water entering the pond (from what source) and plant growth you may need to control plant growth to stop bloom formation and you can get loads of stuff on ebay for this sort of thing also this website is quite good http://www.primrose-london.co.uk/pond-cleaners-c-158.html enjoy your pond!!
By: olivia99

Date of comment: Thu, Sep 4th 2008

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