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Which type of Upvc lock should I have?

Question asked by: DavidMills

Asked on: 02 Feb 2010

Double glazing/ Upvc locks come in a huge variety of types (over 200). A lot of older type Upvc doors have very basic mechanisms with very few locking points, these are usually only a latch and 2 rollers. These can be upgraded to meet insurance requirements at a cost of about 200, depending on type. Modern mechanisms should have at least 3 locking points and preferably 5 locking points, these are usually a deadbolt, 2 hooks and 2 shoot bolts.A common mistake that the vast majority of builders make, is to fit a Upvc mechanism into a composite front door that should only be fitted into a rear door. We mean that the external handle can be pulled down and anyone can walk in, unless the door is double locked! Most mechanisms like this can either be converted or a new centre case bought to change them to a classic front door lock, where entry can only be gained with a key and not by pulling the handle down.
For more information visit: http://www.southernlockandsafe.co.uk

By: AnnieD
Replied at: 03 Feb 2010
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