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Who decides good and bad,right and wrong; and by what standard?

Question asked by: mtalaisa

Asked on: 16 Mar 2010

Lots of answers to this one.

In the old days, then it was God or the god(s) in ancient polytheistic belief systems that set out what was good or bad. These were generally revealed to humans who then wrote them down.

Depending on your beliefs about the truth value of these systems, you would say that actually man himself created those systems.

In recent times these systems of good or bad are definitely defined by influential people such as the lawmakers, governments and judges.

By: daveyc
Replied at: 16 Mar 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Right vs. Wrong and Good vs. Bad is all the same. In the animal world, these do not exist. Humans obtain these qualities from their beliefs and the beliefs of the people that nurture and educate them. In a rural community where hunting is a part of life, it is not bad to kill animals, but in an established community where food is in the grocery store, we are taught it is bad to own a gun. Guns are for killing and killing is bad.
By: Pessimist

Date of comment: Sun, Apr 11th 2010

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