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Why is it difficult for a new political party to get established in the UK?

Question asked by: knowitall

There are several reasons why.

Firstly of course there is the practical point. You need a lot of money and support and publicity to get something like a political party going.

You need members and people to campaign with you and for your policies, and you need policies in the first place.

All this requires a lot of money and status already.

One major reason though is because British politics works as first past the post system.

Therefore in each constituency the one with the most votes gets the MP.

Therefore even if you came second in every single constituency and got a decent percentage of votes overall, say 20% it would still be possible to not have a single MP!

This is the major reason why it is hard to establish a new party, because the system stops new and smaller parties getting the initial groundswell of MPs that is needed to get the press coverage and awareness of policies that is needed to ensure the health of a modern party.

By: Unknown
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