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Why is it so?

A frog saw an insect on the ground at a horizontal distence 50m from it.The frog can jump with a speed 20m/s in any direction if jump with this initial speed and land on the insect. 1. what type of motion made by the frog? 2. find the angle that the frog's initial velocity makes with the horizontal? 3. find the minimum distence the insect have to keep from the frog,so that it can escape from the frog?
Question asked by: nayan878

Asked on: 02 Mar 2011

Parabolic motion if it leaps at an angle that describes a semi circle, I believe the most efficient angle for distance is 45 degrees so he needs to jump at that angle, draw that on paper then do the maths to answer 2, as for 3 it depends on the reaction speed of the insect, it can probably react in a fraction of a second so you need to know its reaction speed and also how fast it can move to answer 3.
By: knowitall
Replied at: 06 Mar 2011
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