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Why is my yew tree turning yellow?

I have an 8 year old yew tree which I have nutured from a sapling. It has always been in a pot moving up sizes every few years. It was recently pot bound so i moved it into a new bigger pot about 2 weeks ago, since then it looks like its colour is fading, Its not brown but looks very pale as if the green is going. I dont think it is a golden variety as it is usually quite dark. It usually goes a bit red/yellow in autumn but im a bit worried as its only early summer. It is now in full sun compared to partial shade could this be why or stress from being moved? Should i feed it with something to bring the green back or does anyone have any suggestions? thanks simon
Question asked by: Simon L

Asked on: 12 Jun 2009

A plant or tree turning yellow is often a sign of being in the wrong type of soil eg acid when it needs alkali or more likely lacking an essential mineral that it needs, for instance lack of nitrogen.

Ensure that the soil is well fertilised so that you can discount nutrients as the problem. If it remains then check the soil ph is suitable for that tree. And that it is well watered. If the problem remains then maybe it is just not a healthy tree or it has some sort of disease.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 14 Jun 2009
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