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Why it is not easy to described the Universe?

I m just think about it.
Question asked by: nazarbaba

Asked on: 15 May 2010

It is not easy because we know so little about it really.

If you think what we know about the world around us as in where we live at home, we have had our lives worth of experiences through all our sense, such as sight, smell, sound and the rest of it.

With space all we have is that which we see with our eyes, we don't have the other senses, and we have really limited information that has come through the telescope and other sorts of wave detections like microwave, radiowave detectors and that sort of thing.

And everything is so far away too so much of what we have is information about the past not the present and also only bodies that give out some sort of electromagnetic radiation can we really know much about the rest we have to infer through maths and physics models by detecting movement of bodies we can see to work out what else might be there, such as black holes, so given all of this it can be seen that is very hard to know much really about the universe at all!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 23 May 2010
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