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Will humans exist forever?

Question asked by: knowitall

No, humans will not exist forever.

First, it seems highly likely that we will destroy ourselves (Martin Rees gives us a 50 / 50 chance of surviving this century alone... if you're reading this in the 22nd century we got lucky!)

Putting aside all questions of us destroying ourselves or catastrophic impacts from meteors, it seems unlikely that we will exist in millions of years time.

This is simply due to evolution - we know from looking at the past that living entities evolve and change over time. Therefore since we are part of the process, surely we too will evolve.

Hence there may be creatures like humans around in a few million years time, but for the current species homo sapiens to still exist seems surely unlikely. Certainly by the time the sun turns red and starts helium fusion, we will be long gone.

By: Unknown
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