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Ask The Professional

Welcome to the section of Tell Me How where you get to put questions to experts in their fields:


Our business expert is Roger Croft, Managing Director of the PRD Partnership at www.prdpartnership.com. They help companies commercialise their ideas. Do see the website for some free business tools.

Most recent question:
How do I decide if my business plan stacks up before starting my business?
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Roger Croft


Our careers expert is Graham Moore, Director of Berkshire Career Management Limited. He also runs popular career advice web site Reach For Jobs, helping people develop their careers.

Most recent question:
Does having a degree guarantee me a better job?
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Graham Moore


Our cleaning expert is Annette King, Owner of Kingswood Specialist Cleaning Services which is an Eco-Friendly cleaning company. Based in Croydon we cover surrounding areas as well as all of greater London and the South East.

Most recent question:
I have biro/ink stains on my sofa. What's the best way to get out the stain without damaging the material or colour of the sofa?
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Annette King


John Hughes is a DIY expert with many years experience of doing all sorts of DIY jobs in and around the home. If you have any DIY related queries, John is the man who can answer them!

Most recent question:
How can I clean white garden furniture and remove dirt and stains?
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John Hughes


Martin Bamford is our money expert. Martin is an Independent Financial Adviser, Director of Informed Choice Ltd and Author of The Money Tree: Help Yourself to Greater Wealth, More Security and Financial Happiness.

Most recent question:
I've heard many financial journalists talking about investing in gold and metals such as copper. How can I look to do invest in metals?
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Martin Bamford

Moving Abroad

Emma Bird is the co-director of www.howtoitaly.com, which provides you with solutions for your Move to Italy. She has co-authored the book Start a Business in Italy: setting up and running a successful business in the Bel Paese and runs workshops on the sun-soaked island of Sardinia on the same theme. She is also an English teacher and freelance journalist specialising in expat issues and has written for Italy magazine, Transitions Abroad and the Guardian. Read about her in the 2006 Lonely Planet Guide to Sardinia and The Expat Entrepreneur.

For more information, go to www.howtoitaly.com where you can sign up to the free newsletter The Italian Job and read Emmaís blog about life in the sun.

Most recent question:
Iíve just moved to Paris and Iím having a hard time settling in and making friends. Itís not as easy as I thought:I canít speak French, Iím feeling homesick and have become very negative about France and the French in general. How can I get my bearings and feel more at home?
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Our networking expert here at Tell Me How is Mark Shaw - Founding Director of Mixing Business. He also is a Regional Director of Business Scene.

Mark is passionate about networking, and maximising the results that you can obtain. He has compiled an excellent Top Tips for Successful Networking document.

Questions and answers coming soon!
I have just started my business. Where can I find and meet useful contacts?
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Web Design, Internet and Computing

Dan Moore is our resident web design, internet and computing expert. He is Director of Clarity Media Ltd, a web design company and supplier of quality puzzles.

Most recent question:
How can I make some money from my website to provide additional income?
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