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Basic Icebreakers
Truths and lies...

How To Use Icebreakers Effectively
How to get the best from the icebreaker...

Ice Breaker: Chinese Whispers
what will be the end result?

Ice Breaker: Porn-star Name
What's in a name?

Icebreaker: Business Animal
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts...

Icebreaker: Genie Of Change
You have three wishes and three only...

Icebreaker: My Life
Tell your life history...

Icebreaker: My Shield
share your values...

Icebreaker: Stranded On The Island
Time to get close to each other...

Icebreaker: Tattoo Parlour
What tattoo would you get done?

Icebreakers - The Hot Seat
A great icebreaker which builds confidence and allows the team to get to know each other is the hot seat game. When the team are all together in a room, get...

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