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British History Questions

philosophic differences
Three of the most important things that have happened in history?
1920s girls
British strategy for 1759-1760
Does Elizabeth II have to legally leave her throne to Charles Prince of Wales?
Does Llywely deserve the big name?
During the early 1980s Conservatives objected to what they believed were excesses in?
How are the Celts dispersed?
How can preston be linked to the slave trade
How did the fire of London start?
How did the Royal Proclamation of 1763 alarm the colonist?
How might the British have defended themselves aginst the charge that they continually provoked the Americans by violating their rights.
In 1763 how did great britain try to end troubles with the native americans?
Reform act
What did the victorians eat
What is the Magna Carta?
When did the english take over the uk
When was the gunpowder plot?
When was the UK formed?
Where did Hereward the Wake live and what did he do to oppose the Normans?
Where did Lady Godiva ride naked?
Where did Robin Hood live?
Where does the name Suffragette come from?
Who started the english language
Who was the Lord Protector?
Why did the thirteen colonies in america become known as states
Why is Pitt the Younger famous?

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