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Modelling Agencies Questions

Choosing the right agencie
Do you know of any good modelling agencies within oxford area?
How can I check a modelling agency is reputable?
How do I find the best modelling agency?
I have read about a free photo test shoot. Do you think this is a con?
I have been promised modelling work by an agency. Should I sign up?
I have been scouted by a model management company with no joining fee but 60 to have pictures taken. Should I be suspicious?
I have had to pay 49 for modelling cards and CV is that ok?
I signed up for a modelling agency but got no work, why?
My modelling agency say I have to use their photographer. Why?
Should I pay to join a model agency?
What is an open call modelling audition?
Where can I find modelling agencies?
Will modelling talent directories get me work?

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