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Sudoku Questions

Can you tell me how to solve sudoku?
Does every sudoku have a solution?
How can I create a valid sudoku puzzle?
How is difficulty of a sudoku puzzle determined?
I am looking for a killer sudoku supplier; can you recommend one?
I want to publish sudoku X puzzles; where can I buy these?
What algorithm will create a sudoku puzzle?
What are the rules of sudoku?
What is an extra region sudoku?
What is an isosudoku?
What is calcudoku?
What is Jigsaw Sudoku?
What is Killer Sudoku X?
What is Sudoku X?
What is the hardest form of sudoku?
What is the least number of givens for a valid sudoku puzzle?
What is the X-wing solving strategy for sudoku?
What is two player sudoku?
Where can I buy sudoku puzzles?

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