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TV Show Questions Questions

Are ITV doing X-factor in 2010?
How can I get on a TV show?
If Simon Cowell does American X-Factor when will the British one be?
Is Louise Redknapp on So you think you can dance?
What ideas are there for a Sweet 16 party?
What was the company that edited footage of the Queen wrongly?
Who are the judges on Oliver?
Who are the judges on Strictly Come Dancing?
Who are the presenters of MasterChef?
Who does the voiceovers on Talking Heads?
Who is Nigel Lythgoe?
Who is the best Doctor Who actor ever?
Who is the PhoneJacker?
Who won Dancing on Ice in 2008?
Who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2007?
Why aren't Rory Bremner impressions funny any more?
Why did Simon Cowell leave American Idol?
Why do the football scores in England give the Scottish league results?
Why do weather forecasts in England and Wales always concentrate on Scotland?
Why does Hugh Hefner always wear the same clothes on that TV show?
Why does Terry Wogan get paid so much?
Why is Craig Revel Horwood so rude to contestants?
Why is Simon Cowell nasty to people?

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