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Television Questions

Are TV jobs based on talent or looks these days?
Does the BBC iplayer mean you don't need a license fee any more?
How can I get a job in television?
How do all these small cable channels make enough to keep broadcasting?
How much does a television presenter get paid?
How much does it cost to advertise on television?
How much was Jonathan Ross paid by the BBC?
Is it harder for older women to work in television?
Is television advertising effective for a business?
Is there any fast-track route to television presenting?
What does it mean to have a face for radio?
Who are the Dragons in the Dragons Den?
Who are the jersey boys
Why do massive companies still advertise on TV?
Why does the BBC license fee tax still exist?
Why does the BBC pay runners nothing and people like Norton millions?
Why does the BBC promote musicals and guarantee their success?

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