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About Philosophy Questions

What happens at death?
answers top ten great questions in philosophy
Describe the Unknown without making known. then tell me what is unknown if we know about it
Do others see the world as i see it?
Does philosophy as wisdom aim to be a science?
Does the door swings both ways?
How do we Know we have a soul
How do you know that you know?
How does alienation pervaid all the fields of modern literature
How sure are you that you are sure?
How to determine good from evil?
If GOD can do anything, can he make a boulder heavy enough he cant lift?
If theres no one around, does a tree needs to make a sound when it falls?
In the Protagoras, Socrates Protagorous present an argument for the claim foolish confidence is not the same thing as courageous confidence. How do they argue for this conclusion.
Is man the highest fruit of the universe or is he just an insignificant speck in infinite space-or something in between?
Is there a Supreme Being?
Is there an absolute standard of good and bad beyond one's the personal opinions?
Is what we see the same as everyone else eg. How do we know that the 'yellow' we are seeing is the same 'yellow others see?
Love and Truth
Mysteries are merely Secrets, secrets are puzzles and when you understand the puzzle, then you will understand how to solve it. What does this mean?
Nature of the universe?
Philosophy in life
Plato the Laches
The great conversation
The great conversation
Was a zebra born as a white zebra with black stripes or as black zebra with white stripes?
What am i doing here?
What are the relative merits of the different economic systems?
What are the similarities and differences between locke and descartes arguments about human understanding?
What determines the fate of each individual?
What differences does good and bad make?
What does the average philosopher do?
What happens at death?
What is a good introductory book to philosophy?
What is good?
What is mind?
What is philosophy?
What is reality?
What is the nature of the universe?
What is the place of man in the universe?
What is the place of man in the universe??
What is the point of philosophy?
What is the role of human beings on earth?
What is the usefulness of philosophy? why do we need it?
What is thought?
When is an argument invalid?
Where did space come from, if there is a god, who created god?
Where does the universe come from?
Who am i?
Why are things the way they are?
Why Can't we Remember
Why is foolish confidence not the same as courageous confidence?

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